Vendor FAQs

I would like The Herb Co. to purchase my product(s).  Are there any specific strains I should be growing?

Unfortunately, the popularity of strains is difficult to predict.  We recommend growing something unique, but our main priority is quality of our products.  We do not seek out specific strains but are open to viewing any strains you may have at your appointment with us.

Can I drop by with samples?

We recommend making an appointment so we can ensure an evaluator is available.  Please bring ½ pound per strain for flowers and 14-28 grams for any concentrates for us to view.  This allows us to see the consistency throughout your product(s) and gives us an opportunity to discuss your process.

I make edibles, topical treatments, concentrates, tinctures, etc…?

Currently, the city of Vancouver does not allow us to sell edibles.  However, the application process to become a vendor for all other products is the same as with flowers.  Please fill out the contact form below, and make sure to note the kind of product you have to offer for your appointment.