Art Contest Get Highly Creative

Contest Overview

We’re all highly creative.

We believe everyone has limitless creative potential – and when it’s expressed, you can start changing the world. We also believe in the creative potential of cannabis. Cannabis is a catalyst – for revolution, for healing, for the munchies. Our second failed prohibition is coming to an end, and it’s “high” time we celebrated the evolution of cannabis to the magical plant it is finally seen as today. Want to celebrate with us? Share your evolutionary-themed artwork for the chance to win $5000 in prizes.

This contest is open to artists of all skill levels. Awards will be given after judging by the panel as well as a round of online voting for the People’s Choice winner. Want to stay in the know? to join our mailing list. Further updates to follow.


First Place $2500 CAD
Second Place $1000 CAD
Third Place $500 CAD
People’s Choice $1000 CAD

Contest Schedule

September 1st, 2018 Submissions Open
October 31st, 2018 Deadline for submissions
November 2018 Special Event